5 Ways To Post Engaging Graphics on Social Media

Us business babes are always seeking ways to engage our followers on social media. We’re constantly looking for the next marketing tip, the next secret hack or the best hashtags to explode our growth. In truth, we make it way more complicated than it needs to be.

All we need to do is learn how to post engaging graphics on our social media. Once you’ve learnt how to do it, growing your tribe on social media will become a breeze. No more hunting for the latest tricks and trends. No more spending hours and hours trying to edit a photo to make sure it fits with your brand.

The answer? Feast your eyes on these 5 easy tips and start posting engaging graphics on all your social media accounts.


#1 | Use Tools to Create Simple, Beautiful Graphics

Creating social media graphics that are appealing and engaging has never been easier. Before, we used to have to get acquainted with complicated (but highly effective) programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. Those tools are hard, guys! As a graphic + web designer, I can tell you first hand that it takes time and energy to use those programs – time and energy that you may not have.

But now (thank goodness!) we have tools such as Canva, BeFunky and Snappa to help us create beautiful graphics in next-to-no time.

I absolutely LOVE Canva because it gives you templates and layouts you can use on a free plan. You can also integrate your logo designs or create new ones. Whatever you need to do design-wise, Canva has got you covered.

HOT FACT! Some professional graphic + web designers use Canva for their design projects. They find they get the same results they would when using design tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator but in almost half the time!

Tools such as BeFunky allow you to edit photos to a professional level, making your graphics and images look fleek on social media.

#2 | Keep Your Graphics Aligned with Your Brand

It’s no good just creating or choosing stunning graphics and images for social media – you have to make sure EVERY graphic resonates with your brand.

“The danger when posting on social media is that we can fall into the trap of posting eye-catching content that has no correlation with our brand. As a stand-alone post, it may draw in the attention of our target market and may look great when they’re scrolling on their feed, but what does it actually tell them about us?” – What you’re doing wrong on social media.

It's true – pretty images and graphics may highlight some kind of attention, but we will slowly loose followers, and our social media engagement can dwindle when our audience cannot understand who we are as a brand.

It’s imperative that when choosing and creating social media graphics we stay true to ourselves AND we stay true to our brand.

I’m going to write a separate post about this, but for now, keep your brand in your heart and mind when creating beautiful graphics.

#3 | Include Yourself in Your Graphics

Now I know I am one to talk, but I am fully embracing this now! We should be posting graphics/photos of ourselves on social media. Why? Well, I think it is common knowledge that photos of ourselves get more engagement, more likes and lead to more follows. Enough said! #preach

Jokes aside, we really should include professional portraits of ourselves – ones that align with who we are as a brand – in order to create and stimulate engagement on our social media.

ACTIONABLE STEP: It’s time to go through your Instagram feed and see what’s going down. How many pictures do you have of yourself? Do you have any graphics with you included in them? If not, make it your goal to start slowly introducing your face. Remember: your face is your brand, so make sure you show people who you are so they can put trust in you AND the work you do.

#4 | Use Bold, Clear Writing

If you are thinking about using writing in your social media graphics (works a treat when designing ads or creating stories) then you must, must, MUST make sure your writing is short, sweet and clear.

Using complicated language, heavy floral fonts and fancy italics will only detract from your goal, not work towards it. It’s best to use clear, clean fonts that don’t distract your audience from the purpose of your graphic. Make it clear and keep it short, guys!

TOP TIP: When creating Instagram stories, try not to create and save before posting. When you create beautiful stories and add writing to them but then hit save so you can post later, the quality of the image falls drastically! I’ve been there and got the T-shirt and it wasn’t pretty! For high-resolution stories, don’t save first! Share what you create on your story straight away for the best quality graphic.

#5 | Automate Your Posts

If you can, use some automation tools like Later, Planoly or Tailwind. Social media automation tools are literally life-savers and they help you post regularly, too! Later works like a dream because it has a free plan and you can set up your graphics on a calendar and also see what they will look like on your feed ahead of time! Pretty awesome, right?

This will help you choose the right graphics and help you design your feed ahead of time, meaning you can make sure your brand RULES.

It’s Time to Post Those Graphics on Social Media!

Once you’ve designed your graphics and made sure they align with your brand, it is time to start posting them! I’m super excited to see what you’ve created, so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@loladesignco) and I will mention you in my story!

But if you are tight for time and need to outsource your graphic design creation to someone else, I’ve got you covered. Graphic design is what I do best! So hit me up and let me help you design kick-ass social media graphics that will boost engagement and grow your followers on social media.

*Please note that none of the links in this post are affiliates, just apps & tools that I have used and would recommend for anyone getting started on social media!