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The Importance of Branding In Business

As creative business owners, we need to set ourselves apart. We need to vocalise who we are and what we do, and we need to do it well.

People get a sense of who you are and what you do for your brand. Your brand draws in clients and builds a solid foundation with your target audience. And it is not a one-time makeover. In order to amplify your business, you need to keep your brand consistent, engaging and energised.

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4 Things They Don’t Teach You At Design School

No matter how much time you spent studying how to become a graphic designer, there are just some things lecturers don't teach you at school. I know. Shock horror, right? Aside from learning the ins-and-outs of design, you’re pretty much left in the dark when it comes to running your own design business.

I came fresh out of University with ideal dreams and ideas of what it would be like to be a freelance designer; to be my own boss and watch my business grow. I knew how to design, of course! But what I didn’t know was how to run a successful design business.

In reality, I was a complete novice. Even though I had the practical skills needed to design, I knew nothing about the business world. I came to realise that there are just some things they don’t teach you in school, and being a successful freelancer is one of them.

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Three Proven Ways To Conquer Designers Block

Designers block can be challenging. As a budding freelance designer, your entire livelihood depends on your ability to create stunning designs for your customers. However, not being able to achieve that can really throw a spanner into the works. Your business grinds to a halt while you try and muster up the capability to keep going.

We know that designers block can be a nightmare, and we sympathise. However, there are a few proven methods for curing the irritation that is designers block. We’re going to be looking at three of them here, in the hopes that they can re-energise your productivity and get your creativity back on track.

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What You Should Include In Your Design Portfolio

When was the last time you updated your portfolio? It's something we always say that we will get round to but other things seem to take priority. Why are portfolios so important? If you're a freelancer, your livelihood depends on winning clients. Everyone who considers you will want to see your work before they hire you. Applying for a new job? Any designer who works full-time will know how important it is to have a portfolio that stands out from other potential candidates. Whilst all this seems obvious, as a creative bunch, we're not updating our portfolios regularly enough.

If you're a designer, writer, illustrator or photographer, I'm sharing with you what we should all remember when creating and keeping up-to-date with our portfolios.

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