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5 Ways To Post Engaging Graphics on Social Media

Us business babes are always seeking ways to engage our followers on social media. We’re constantly looking for the next marketing tip, the next secret hack or the best hashtags to explode our growth. In truth, we make it way more complicated than it needs to be.

All we need to do is learn how to post engaging graphics on our social media. Once you’ve learnt how to do it, growing your tribe on social media will become a breeze. No more hunting for the latest tricks and trends. No more spending hours and hours trying to edit a photo to make sure it fits with your brand.

The answer? Feast your eyes on these 5 easy tips and start posting engaging graphics on all your social media accounts.

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What You’re Doing Wrong on Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective tools we can use to market our brand and build our business. It helps us stand out online, and gives us the opportunity to express who we are as a brand and how we work in the real world.

With such an amazing tool at our fingertips, why is it that so many of us struggle with growing our tribe on social media?

The reality is that so many of us are not using social media the right way. The result? We start losing followers and losing faith in our brand.

Guys - let’s stop that from happening. Let’s look at some of the things we may be doing wrong on social media so we can start taking action.

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Master The 7-Day Digital Detox

If you don't think that social media is taking over your life, you're either in denial or you don't have a smartphone. Let's face the facts, we've all become addicted to being connected online. For most of us, it seems as though social media has been around since the dawn of time, and you'd be right, for us millennials, it was.

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Why You Should Be Using More Video On Social Media

In the modern age, it’s never been easier for us ladies to get out there and create a vibrant new career option. The age of the young and creative entrepreneur is right now, and we have a wealth of resources available to help us in this goal. However, there is one resource which you should use to improve your small businesses, and that is the power of the video. What’s sad is that a lot of people don’t know how video marketing can be utilised on their social media platforms, and how useful it is generally, so I’m going to be taking a look.

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Are You Oversharing Free Content On Twitter?

Twitter is a great platform for sharing, but not oversharing. Some people have a tendency to get a little over enthusiastic when promoting themselves on social media. In this blog post I’ll talk about some key things you should think about before sending tweets.

I’m not suggesting that you stop posting promotional tweets altogether. I just want to make you aware of how you may be coming across to your audience. I’ve had no choice but to unfollow people because they were posting the same thing day in, day out. Boring. It’s not doing anything for me as a follower, or anything for them as a business. Think about why you're there, what your purpose is. Show your worth, share awesome stuff and the followers will, well, follow.

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