I've been featured on the Made Simple Group blog!

I'm going to defer from my usual blog format to announce some great news for Lola Design Company!

Today is a great day to have been gifted with a little Friday motivation. After a long and difficult couple of weeks, I'm finally starting to get back on track and focus on my business.

So why is today a great day? A little while ago I was invited to share my story for the Made Simple Group. The post features my very own start-up story, talking about how I dealt with transitioning from a 9-5 full-time job to a business owner.

Today the blog post has been released, and you can read it here.


Reading back through it has really helped me to appreciate why I made the decision to take my side hustle full-time in the first place.

I'm absolutely loving the 'be your own boss' lifestyle, and whilst I've had my ups and downs, it's the little wins that keep me challenging myself every day!

Head over to the Made Simple Group blog where you can read my story as well as other stories from fellow entrepreneurs!