The Importance of Branding In Business

Okay. Here’s a little memory game for you guys:

I want you to think back to when you first started your business. We all remember the highs and the lows of starting up and we all remember our first client. We all remember receiving our first payment and celebrating Tina Turner style in front of the mirror (hmm… just me? Don’t answer that). But do you remember what brought you there? Do you remember what it was that spearheaded your business?

Putting everything else aside, the most important part of your start-up success would have been branding. Your branding is the vanilla essence in your business. Actually, it’s the whole damn cake. And although we talk a lot about branding and how important it is for our business, just how important is it? Out of the large list of essential ingredients in your business, where would you put branding?



As creative business owners, we need to set ourselves apart. We need to vocalise who we are and what we do, and we need to do it well.

People get a sense of who you are and what you do for your brand. Your brand draws in clients and builds a solid foundation with your target audience. And it is not a one-time makeover. In order to amplify your business, you need to keep your brand consistent, engaging and energised.

So to keep branding a priority in our lives, let’s jog our memory and see just why branding is so imperative.


They say never judge a book by its cover. But hey? That is so far from the truth. We all judge by what we see, and the same goes for our brand.

That’s why having a solid identity and a striking image will showcase your business to your target audience, generating exposure that will build your reputation and recognition in your field. Good branding will highlight just how amazing you are and will create lasting impressions with your soon-to-be clients.



The relationship you build with your clients is important for the growth and success of your business, and this good relationship stems from having a consistent brand. When your branding resonates with your audience, you start to form connections with them, building a tribe of loyal followers who know who you are and what you do.

Branding does not just connect you with your audience - it also draws in the right type of clients. They can see straight away how you work, think, and operate and they will want to be a part of that. Pretty awesome, right? You can build firm foundations with your target audience by your branding alone. That’s why it’s so important to keep your brand on-point.


Getting your audience to choose you stems from how you’ve branded yourself as a creative. Professional branding makes you stand out from the crowd, as it were, and it makes you glow amongst your competitors.

When branding is done right, you will be distinct and organic; your target audience will want you and you only. You will stand out from a swarm of business owners, meaning you will be able to build an empire of loyal customers who won't turn their heads.


You are the genius behind that business of yours, so show it! By the very nature of your brand, you are able to project yourself on a global scale. Your brand will share your story and sound your voice to your audience in a way that sets you apart.

When your story weaves through your brand and connects every part of your business together, you are on to a winner. Branding helps you portray yourself in a creative way; it enables you to voice your services and build bridges with your clients. You are creating a story for others to enjoy.


I’m sure you are left without a doubt that branding is, well, pretty darn important for your business.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Yes - branding is vital. But there is so much more to it than that! For your biz to be a success, you have to be able to create a consistent, magical unicorn beast of a brand in order to flourish as an entrepreneur.

“Okay, okay. But Jesseca, just how do I do that?”

That’s exactly why I am here. I help small businesses stand out above the rest by beautifying their brand and making their first impression count. And more is still to come! I will be sharing my top tips and tricks on how to build a powerful brand so you can stop fussing and start thriving. Stay tuned, guys!

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