Three Proven Ways To Conquer Designers Block

Designers block can be challenging. As a budding freelance designer, your entire livelihood depends on your ability to create stunning designs for your customers. However, not being able to achieve that can really throw a spanner into the works. Your business grinds to a halt while you try and muster up the capability to keep going.

We know that designers block can be a nightmare, and we sympathise. However, there are a few proven methods for curing the irritation that is designers block. We’re going to be looking at three of them here, in the hopes that they can re-energise your productivity and get your creativity back on track.


Gain Some Inspiration

Sometimes, you just have to take the time to focus on you, and step back to gain some inspiration. First things first, step away from that computer! It’s obvious that right now the design is becoming more of a problem than anything else, so you need to just stand back and take a break. Next, you need to actually go out and find that inspiration.

You can try reading a book, you might find yourself inspired by what’s in there. Alternatively, why not take a walk or go for a run? I don't know about you, but being among nature gives me a boost of energy, and I'm sure it could do the same for you too! Try different things to find out what works best for you, and what you feel can build your productivity again. Something that I love to do when I find myself procrastinating is to tidy up. Give your workspace a good clean and throw away any junk that is cluttering up your desk. You'll find that doing this allows your mind to become decluttered too, and therefore, more productive!


Get Enough Rest

As a graphic designer with a 9-5 job and a side-hustle, it’s easy to let the schedule slide a little. If you're anything like me, you may find time running away from you. You're working on a freelance project during the evening, and before you know it, it's midnight.

Staying up late and not getting enough sleep is not an option. I know, it's easier said than done. However, sleep is a source of energy and motivation, so it’s not good for your productivity to deprive yourself. Lack of sleep will only cause you to burn out, so set yourself a bedtime to stick to during the week! You should support this rest with the right kind of diet. This will involve making sure that you’re eating well, and avoiding sugar and caffeine where you can. And as far as sleeping goes, try and avoid your phone for an hour before you go to bed, as it’ll help your brain shut down and relax!


Manage Your Expectations

It’s important to manage your expectations and limits when it comes to accepting a new design project. It’s essential that you don’t take on work which is outside of your comfort zone if you're already under to much pressure. You'll just get stressed and anxious, which doesn’t help your productivity or your business. Try and look for design projects which make you excited to work on, and that you know you’ll complete whilst enjoying what you're doing. After all, what’s the point in taking on a project that you’ll hate and won’t want to do? That’ll help to keep your motivation high and your designers block at bay.


Let's recap

These are three proven ways in which you can keep designers block out of your life, and also shake it off when you’ve got it. Being a freelance designer is your dream, right? You’re doing a job you love, so don’t spoil it. You want your business to thrive, and that won't happen if you are unhappy and unmotivated. It’s all about staying positive and keeping inspiration alive.