What You’re Doing Wrong on Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective tools we can use to market our brand and build our business. It helps us stand out online, and gives us the opportunity to express who we are as a brand and how we work in the real world.

With such an amazing tool at our fingertips, why is it that so many of us struggle with growing our tribe on social media?

The reality is that so many of us are not using social media the right way. The result? We start losing followers and losing faith in our brand.

Guys - let’s stop that from happening. Let’s look at some of the things we may be doing wrong on social media so we can start taking action.



The danger when posting on social media is that we can fall into the trap of posting eye-catching content that has no correlation with our brand. As a stand-alone post, it may draw in the attention of our target market and may look great when they’re scrolling on their feed, but what does it actually tell them about us?

Keeping a consistent brand story is key to getting social media right. We need to have our brand identity clear in mind when planning our content on social media. It has to look and sound like you in order for your audience to completely trust you.

Actionable step: Why not create a social media mood board that runs parallel with your brand? Keep the same fonts, colours, layouts and themes consistent and stay true to your brand voice when writing your copy.

Actionable step:
Why not create a social media mood board that runs parallel with your brand? Keep the same fonts, colours, layouts and themes consistent and stay true to your brand voice when writing your copy.


I’ve talked about engaging your audience on social media before because it is literally the main thing many of us do wrong. Yes - we need to post regularly and interact with other businesses. But there is so much more to it than that.

Even if you are posting regularly, you need to focus on getting your audience engaged with your posts. It’s not enough for them to just read what you put up and then scroll on to the next post on their feed; you’ve got to keep them lingering.

The best way to do this is to create content that gives your audience a call to action. Get them involved by asking questions. Plan content that gives solutions or gives them something to go away and work on. By doing so, you’ll see your audience engaging with you and spreading the word to others.



How much do you post on social media? Because of time, it can be really difficult to post regularly and consistently, especially with us creatives, right? I know that all too well! But being consistent is so imperative in order to build a loyal audience.

On the flip side, we could actually fall into the danger of posting too much. And we all know how annoying it is when our feed is clogged up with that one person’s pictures of what they ate for, well, breakfast lunch AND dinner.

It’s all about striking a balance; finding a happy medium. Post frequently, but don’t overkill. It’s not easy, and, to be honest, most of us don’t post enough. But either way, if we are not getting it right, it will hinder our growth as a business.

Actionable step:
Set up auto-posting and plan your content in advance. This way you can control how much you post and make sure you are posting regularly. Also, set yourself some social media boundaries!


This sounds a bit backward, right? Surely it would be better to post on more platforms and reach more people.

While that may sound like the most logical thing to do, it can actually hinder your business and create problems further down the line.

The danger with being on too many social media platforms is that it takes up too much of your time. It then means you spend less time on each platform and you don’t get the chance to build up regularity with your audience.

A great way to narrow down your use of social media is to focus on one social media platform at a time. Why not dedicate one month to Facebook? The next to Twitter, and so on? That way you will be able to see what ones work best for your business and then you can concentrate on building a firm rep on the platform that works.


Life is about push and pull, and no relationship is one-sided. It’s the same with your involvement on social media. This is where you build business relationships with others, so it’s vital to share your time with them; get engaged on their profiles and take time to learn from others. Doing so will help you grow as a business owner and will help you build strong bonds with like-minded freelancers.

Actionable step:
Why not split the time you spend on social media in half? 50% working on you and 50% cheering others on. Reply, like, comment, share.

It takes time to get social media right, and it’s not always easy! But by working on ways to keep your brand consistent, engage with your audience, strike the write balance, and share with others, you’ll be in it for the win.

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