When Enough is Enough: Am I Using Too Many Apps for My Business?

Most of us use about 5 to 15 apps that help us streamline our business and make our lives easier. We spend time researching, downloading and using these apps in order to keep track of our spending, to communicate with our clients and to organise our workflow.

All in all, these apps are great! And, in themselves, they are harmless.

But what if I told you that using too many apps may actually sabotage your biz?

Sounds a little backwards, right? Let’s have a look at the facts.


Why Using Too Many Apps Is Bad for Your Business

Ready for a little truth bomb?

Using too many apps for your business will make you work harder, zap your time and energy and have you glued to your phone/tablet/device when you are supposed to be working (or not working).

Yeah, that doesn’t sound very appealing to me.

But hold on. Aren’t the perks of these apps meant to do the reverse?

Many apps are created to lighten our business burden; they are there to make our daily lives that little bit easier. With certain apps, we can schedule calls with clients, organise our work schedule, auto-post on our social media and share projects with others. Never before have we lived in such a technologically advanced era where pretty much everything we do is online or requires internet.

And while these apps have been a godsend (quite literally, in my case!), they can also play the devil’s advocate if we are not careful.

What to Do If You Are Using Too Many Apps

To be honest, it took me a while to realise that I was an app-abuser. If you know me, you’ll know that I am totally not averse to a good business tool! But there was one time when I wanted to try (and use) all the well-reported apps out there: Asana, Dubsado, Streak, Later, Trello… you name it, I wanted it.

Why? Because I thought that was the way I could grow my business, streamline my work and have more time to myself.

How wrong I was!

Then a business babe asked me a very pointed question:

How many apps and tools have you got for your biz?

I proudly answered her, thinking the more the merrier!

Then she asked me this:

How many of those apps do you honestly use for your biz?

That’s when I hesitated. It took me a while, but I realised that that, out of the multitude of apps I was supposedly using, only a few of them were meaningful. I thought that having multiple apps would help me be more productive, but I was wrong. I was spending too much time rummaging through what ones would work for my business.

I had different apps doing the same thing on multiple devices. I was forever flicking between them all, thinking I was saving time and energy. But ironically, I was wasting time, confusing myself with tons of passwords and content for different outputs – it was just exhausting!

What did I do? I simplified. I cut out the apps that were not used as much and I revised the ones that were supposed to be helping me gain MORE time, not lose time. I cleared out the gutter and started making my time count.

So, I’m gonna ask you the same question, guys! How many apps are you using for your biz? If you find yourself realising you spend way too much time on these apps, have apps that do similar things or you have apps that you barely use, delete them. Delete them like you deleted your ex’s digits. You don’t need those time-wasting tools taking over your life. #preach

When Enough Is Enough

I can’t tell you what apps you need or don’t need for your biz. We are all different and will find what works for us and what makes us more productive freelancers. But I can tell you when to cut some of those apps.

If you find yourself doing one or more of the following, be brutal and get rid of the apps and tools that are holding you back:

#1 | You spend more time on these apps than you do creating content for your own biz

#2 | You have multiple apps that do the same thing

#3 | You don’t know what app will work best (out of the collection you have)

#4 | You or your clients are confused as to how they contact you and where you share project details

Enough is enough. Don’t allow things like apps and tools to drown out your energy and make you lose focus. Allow them to help you, not hinder you!

I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt. So, if you need a little extra advice on what tools to use and which ones to scrap and how to utilise the apps you have, then I’m here to help! Feel free to contact me or ask a question in the comments below.