Your Face is Your Brand: Which Side of Ourselves Should We Show?

Ever wondered why the pictures you post of yourself on Instagram receive more love than a still life shot? Or why biz owners who share who they are on their website and social media platforms tend to be more successful than those who don’t?

It all boils down to the fact that us humans are very visual - we are just born to be nosy!

When presented with information, we prefer to see colours, light and life. In fact, around 90% of the information we take in is through our eyes.

No wonder why us business owners are focusing on letting their face be their brand!

And yes. I’m talking literally here. Your face is your brand. So it is important that you show it.

You may be thinking, “wait… just how is my face my brand, Jesseca?”

That’s a good question. What does it actually mean? And which side of ourselves should we be showing?



Everyone’s face is unique. We are all different - even identical twins have faint differences. People recognise us because of our face, and they can immediately call to mind who we are and what we are like.

And it’s exactly the same when it comes to our brand.

Our target audience can get to know us by seeing who we are and learning what we are about. That’s why we need to show our face and make it part of our brand - use it to form the very outline of our identity.

That means no shying away from the camera! Aha! I see you! You need to make sure you have a good, natural balance of photos (and videos!) of yourself so people can put a face to the name. Let them see who you are and let them learn about your brand by visualising the very person who is behind it.

The benefits?

Well, we could list a whole bunch of them. But here are just a few:

  • Instantly more likes on social media

  • A distinction between you and your competitors

  • Amazing brand exposure

Yes, guys. It is scientifically proven that humans react better to facial recognition. Psychologist, Albert Mehrabian, did a study on non-verbal communication, and it showed these stats: “Total liking = 7% is verbal liking, 38%is vocal liking (i.e., tone of voice) and 55 % is facial liking.”

That tells us that we should be proactive when it comes to showing our faces and, if I dare say it, recording videos and lives for our audience to see.

I know. Even as I am writing this, I’m feeling a little nauseous. I hate posting pictures of myself and I can’t think of anything worse than uploading videos of me talking or creating a live on Insta. But if it will elevate your brand, draw in followers and attract potential clients, it’s definitely worth doing.

That being said, we do need to make sure that we show the right side of ourselves. We need to remember that we are representing our brand, so there are a few things that we should keep in mind.


Our brand identity is vital to how our business grows and develops. Therefore, we should be savvy when it comes to choosing what we share.

Whenever we are about to show our beautiful selves to our target audience, we need to ask ourselves a few questions before it goes live.

#1 | Does it run parallel with my brand?

Before even taking the picture or shooting a video, we need to think about how we are going to come across visually. Think about your brand’s ethics and story and keep in mind the very nature of your brand, it’s colours and themes.

It sounds pretty basic, but you need to align your photos and images alongside the rest of your brand. I’m talking about the very look and feel of your photos here. If your brand’s ethos is professional and authentic, then your photos need to be that way, too.

Quick Tip: Have you identified your brand colours? If so, why not implement them in the photos and videos you have of yourself? If you like including splashes of pink in your brand, then use this colour to dress and arrange yourself!

#2 | Am I being consistent?

The key to a successful brand is consistency. You want to prove that you are reliable and that you know yourself in order for your target audience to get to know and trust you. So be consistent with the very nature of your photos, and stay true to who you are as a brand.

#3 | Am I showing enough?

When you look back at your Instagram profile or the images on your website, look out for photos of your face. Have you got enough photos of you? And are you sharing fun, quirky facts about yourself so that your audience can relate to you as a biz owner?

If not, it’s totally time to take action!

Quick Tip: If you are feeling nervous or a little uncomfortable about using photos of yourself, then why not try using photos that have you in it rather than on it? By that, I mean using photos that feature other things, such as your work, a city backdrop, or something else that would work with your brand? You don’t necessarily have to look at the camera, either! The more natural, the better.

Show The Very Best Version of Yourself

In order to draw in new clients and grow your audience, you need to elevate your brand and create meaningful experiences with those you connect with. That’s why you gotta look and feel your best.

Just remember: Always stay true to your brand and, more importantly, to yourself. Your face is your brand, so you are out there to impress. But stay honest and clear, and just be the very best version of yourself!

And don’t forget! If you want a little more advice and guidance on how to show the best face for your brand, I’m here to help you do so.

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