Doors that open out into a room are so last-century, so let’s leave them there. If you’re getting a house constructed from the ground up or if you’re renovating one after a long time, sliding doors are the doors of the future.

Our interior modern glass sliding doors are nifty appendages since they save space which traditional doors would otherwise need. If you have limited space in your residence, getting sliding doors installed won’t just make it look great, you’ll be making great use of the space that you have available

Having custom sliding doors installed in your house or for your walk-in closet or wardrobe can also fetch you a good price in the market, even if the house is old. Modern installations make buyers think you have modernized your home or that it wasn’t built too long ago, thus increasing its property value. If you’re remodeling your house for a sale, don’t forget the sliding doors!

Get them from Lola Design. We ship within 2 weeks, offer a 10-year warranty, and will ensure you’re given your money back if you aren’t satisfied!




Get the Best Glass Door Partitions for Your Office Or Home

Want to make your house look chic and stylish but also want a partition between rooms? Our interior sliding glass door partitions work like a charm. Not only do they look great and add an aesthetic tinge to the whole structure, they’re also practical! Easy to clean and maintain, these glass doors don’t need special attention during your house cleaning weekends, and yet they end up looking great!

Whether you need a frosted, milky, smoked or clear glass or black or silver frame version, Doors 22 has a perfect solution for your home or office. Get these amazing glass partitions installations for your interior residential space and make it look trendy like it never looked before.

If you have been looking for custom sliding glass room dividers, get in touch with us today, we can ship it anywhere in the continental US. All orders are shipped within 2 weeks. We provide a 10-year warranty with all our products. We also offer a 30 days money back guarantee, so reach out without hesitation and make your house look great again!

Some of the benefits of glass room dividers:

Promotes Natural Lighting: Separating your room with the glass dividers allows natural light to penetrate the space. As a result, both rooms look bigger and brighter. To achieve privacy yet to enjoy the natural light flow, we offer frosted, milky or smoked glass. This will also decrease your electric bill since you will not need to depend on it so much. Usually, you will invest a lot less into a glass room dividers vs. a drywall, but the glass solution not only cost less, but also provides many additional benefits.

A combination of style and elegance: We offer wide range of stylish glass partitions with a diversity in frame design, glass colors and size. You can choose any one type or mix and match them according to the design of your interior. Our glass wall partitions provide practical solution to small space problem, yet look extremely elegant. We also offer frames or L-Shape systems any size! Our glass partition walls will convert your home into a beautiful modern environment. Our system offers perfect harmony between the old or tradition style of home to the new modern era style.

Privacy: Glass room dividers also promote privacy. They offer one of the best solutions to separate the room with a complete privacy, yet having it all in one conveniently located space. Building a dry-wall will never achieve the same level of comfort, privacy and the modern look it creates at the same time, which our custom-sized different color glass and frames will. Our glass partitions also work great for kitchen pantries, children room separators, glass doors, lofts and more.

If you are interested in the latest home renovation ideas or are looking to quickly and cost-effectively modernize your home, you might notice the new trend of interior renovations with glass. Modern days, the living space gets less and less, but the demand for space keeps growing. It’s practically important to come up with a smart system to separate the space with practical solution, while keeping the cost down and creating modern looks. Doors22 provide exactly that – great flexibility, standard and custom sizes, great glass color variety along with the frame color variety, super easy installation and 10 years guarantee! Enjoy living in harmony with natural resources such as natural light while enjoying your privacy. Contact Lola Design sales team today to get more ideas for our products!